Returning Student IAD and Freefall

Become a Seasoned Diver with Our Student Program!

Fast Facts

  • Returning divers only
  • Half day
  • Returning student IAD – fall from up to 5,000 feet
  • Returning student freefall – fall from over 5,000 feet

Skydiving Classes & Training

Gravity Powered Sports is a USPA training center. We follow the USPA integrated student program. The following chart indicates the category, jump number, and free-fall skills. The actual student program also incorporates canopy control, equipment safety, aircraft safety, and learning to pack your parachute.


Category Jump #  Jump Type Altitude Exit
A 1 IAD 3500 Hanging
A 2 IAD 3500 Hanging
B 3 IAD – Practice Pull 3500 Hanging
B 4 IAD – Practice Pull 3500 Hanging
B 5 IAD – Practice Pull  3500 Hanging
C 6 FF-3 sec  4000 Hanging
C 7 FF-10 sec wave-off  4500 Hanging
C 8 FF-10 sec wave-off  4500 Poised
D 9 FF-15 sec, turns  5500 Poised
D 10 FF-30 sec, 4-90 degree turns 7500 Poised
D 11 FF-30 sec, 2-180 degree turns 7500 Poised
D 12 FF-30 sec, 2-360 degree turns 7500 Poised
E 13 FF-40 sec, barrel roll 9000 Door
E 14 FF 40-sec, back loop 9000 Door
E 15 FF 40-sec, front loop 9000 Door
F 16  FF 40-sec, tracking 9000 Door
F 17  FF 40-sec, tracking 9000 Poised
G 18 FF 40-sec, dock 9000 Poised
G 19 FF 40-sec, float/sink, dock 9000 Door
G 20  FF 40-sec, float/sink, dock 9000 Poised
H 21  FF 40-sec, graduation jump 9000 Poised
  • Chevron down Payment Policy
  • Full Payment is required at least 3 days prior to your scheduled first IAD or Tandem jump.  An additional $20.00 fee is charged for 1st-time jumps without advance reservation and deposit.

  • Chevron down Cancellation/Refund Policy
  • If for some reason weather prohibits making your jump on the scheduled date, you will receive a rain-check which will be valid until the end of the year. NO REFUNDS!